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Synq Solutions Implements Print Solutions, Intelligent Profiling and Bi-Coastal Distribution to Drive Efficiencies and Lower Costs for Hot Topic

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Local Store Marketing

Retailers require the flexibility to market on a local level and engage their communities. By leveraging local store marketing, retailers can more effectively react to competition, local trends, excess inventory and community events.  

However, these initiatives are often challenging to execute because of lengthy approval processes, long turnaround times for creative and production, as well as the perception that producing high quality, low quantity pieces is not cost-effective. 

At Synq Solutions, we have developed our local marketing solution to incorporate brand and legal standards into the customized messaging process for quick execution. Our templates are pre-approved for creative and legal compliance, thus shortening the cycle from concept through delivery. Finally, our digital printing provides optimal quality, exact quantities and fast turnaround for retailers’ marketing deadlines. 

With Synq Solutions, local store marketing has never been so easy. Synq Solutions: Simplify the Complex


  • Relevant and actionable location-specific marketing materials
  • Ideas can be executed rapidly to meet market demands
  • Brand and creative compliance through pre-approved template

Synq Solutions implemented a multi-faceted ordering, printing, and fulfillment system for SONY Music Entertainment which not only improved our existing operations, but enabled the realization of new and previously impossible business opportunities.

Scott Farthing, Sr. Director of Merchandising