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Case StudyPart 1: Synq Solutions Provides Series of Innovative Solutions to Hardee's® and other CKE brands

Hardee's®, the largest fast food brand in the CKE Restaurants, Inc. group, required a partner that could execute its marketing campaigns with accuracy, technological innovation and cost savings. > More

Case StudyPart 2: Synq Solutions Provides Series of Innovative Solutions to Hardee's® and other CKE brands

For more than a decade, Synq Solutions has been CKE Restaurants, Inc.’s partner for in-store marketing materials and promotional support. > More

White Paper

White PaperIntelligent Profiling

The process of collecting and organizing information about individual stores is often generically called "location profiling." For many organizations, location profiling is simply loading collected store attribute data ...
> More

White PaperA Roadmap for Successful
Local Marketing Execution

Amid current economic conditions, QSR and fast casual restaurant operators are looking for ways to increase sales and profits. Many are looking to Local Marketing as a way to drive business...
> More

Intelligent Profiling

Intelligent Profiling: Benefits

  • Deploy POP materials faster and easier
  • Reduce print production costs by 14–22% (only the required quantities for each campaign are produced)
  • Streamline and automate the calculation of production quantities, thereby reducing labor hours and human error
  • Reduce time allotted for fulfillment, allowing more time to be devoted to the creative phase

Intelligent Profiling: Insights Blog

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We have been able to reduce the cost of our in-store POP materials by gaining efficiencies throughout the entire production and distribution process, and the location-profiling system saves even more money for our company and franchised restaurants because we now only produce and ship the merchandising elements that each individual location requires.

Brad Haley, Executive Vice President, Marketing CKE Restaurants

We sell through a complex network of retail stores with an infinite number of possible configurations. We need a partner that has the technological tools to understand this complexity and make the distribution of unique kits to these various configurations possible. Synq Solutions is able to deliver exactly what each location needs with absolute accuracy, speed and remarkable cost savings.

One of the largest wireless service providers

Synq Solutions implemented a multi-faceted ordering, printing, and fulfillment system for SONY Music Entertainment which not only improved our existing operations, but enabled the realization of new and previously impossible business opportunities.

Scott Farthing, Sr. Director of Merchandising, Sony Music Entertainment

The Synq Intelligent Profiling technology works by cataloguing the "DNA" of each store, including its physical attributes, product mix and zoning restrictions. The profiling data is as granular as you need it to be. For example, Intelligent Profiling can encompass everything from the number of drive-thrus and beverage choices you offer to whether you have a freestanding or food court location. It tracks whether you serve ice cream, and if local zoning allows you to have yard signs or roof banners. As a result, you don’t have to worry that your marketing dollars will be wasted on unnecessary printing and delivery costs, and local operators will be confident that their marketing spend is leveraged effectively.

Intelligent Profiling: Videos

Intelligent Profiling: The DNA for Stores

Intelligent Profiling: Integrating Data with Production and Fulfillment

Intelligent Profiling: Our Methodology