Company Values: Health, Safety & Environmental Mgmt. System

Health & Safety

Synq Solutions is committed to providing a safe workplace for employees, customer and visitors.  Access to Company property will be limited to those with a legitimate business interest.

Synq Solutions will provide its employees with a safe and healthy workplace in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.  In turn, employees must promptly report any incident that may compromise or threaten a safe work environment, including any security hazards or violate Company safety policy.

Drug-Free Workplace Policy

To further ensure a safe and healthy workplace, Synq Solutions is dedicated to providing a drug-free workplace.  The Company has developed a substance abuse policy that prohibits the use of illegal drugs, misuse of prescription drugs or use of alcohol on Company premises and/or during work hours.

A copy of the Company’s Drug-Free Workplace Policy, including our guidelines on testing can be requested by contacting us at info@synqsolutions.com.

Environmental Management System

Synq Solutions is committed to environmental stewardship and has built an Environmental Management System that is based on the continuous improvement cycle of Plan – Do – Check – Act.

Identify environmental measurements and establish goals

Synq Solutions has identified measurements and goals around the following areas:

  • Energy Conservation
  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Do: Communicate measurements and goals, incorporate into training and set operational controls

Environmental measurements are communicated company-wide and included in standard training material. Environmental measurements are checked and recorded monthly in an environmental scorecard.

Monitor progress against metrics and establish a regular review cycle with management

Environmental scorecards are reviewed quarterly by Synq Solutions executive management and immediate action is taken to address non-compliance.

Create plan of action to address shortfalls and improve performance

Following the quarterly management review, top focus areas are determined by department and included in an action plan to be completed and reported upon at the next review.

Open Disclosure

Synq Solutions is committed to open disclosure of our environmental performance.  Please contact us at info@synqsolutions.com if you would like a copy of our most recent environmental scorecard or information about any recent regulatory responses, fines or penalties.