Case Studies

Synq Solutions Streamlines SONY’s Production and Fulfillment While Reducing Waste

The Challenge

The fulfillment of Sony Music Entertainment’s bi-weekly promotions was plagued with a manual, time-consuming process. As new movies and albums were released, about 1,000 nationwide locations had to fax hand-written order forms to the warehouse where they could be processed. Reporting chargebacks to SONY’s various labels took months to process. In addition, SONY disposed of more than 30% of its high-volume promotional materials that were printed on offset printers – an unnecessary expense.

The Solution

SONY partnered with Synq Solutions for a streamlined, one-stop shop solution. From web-based ordering to on-demand printing, Synq gained efficiencies while cutting costs. Synq’s online system allows SONY to view, order and track all promotional materials in real time. Exact order quantities required by the field are obtained through Synq’s web-based solicitation process.  And with Synq’s digital printing capabilities, SONY can customize its promotional messaging with local tour/concert information, in-store dates, special offers, promotional tie-ins and co-op advertising.


Synq successfully streamlined SONY’s production and fulfillment process, allowing more time for creative development. Synq has eliminated SONY’s 30% waste by producing only the materials that are required in the field. And with Synq’s real-time reporting capabilities, SONY can now view and track its marketing activity with absolute accuracy.