Case Studies

Home Mortgage Lender Leverages Synq Solutions to Increase Return on Marketing Spend

The Challenge

The mortgage lending industry is a complex environment with a wide range of loan programs, as well as evolving interest rates, security regulations, disclosures and more. For one industry leader, communications became a challenge – as all of its documentation and marketing materials had to be not only clear and concise, but accurate, too. 

Complicating matters further, the company’s loan officers were dispersed in many locations. Some worked from home, others from corporate offices, and still others in bank branches. The challenge was sending them current information that was applicable to their business. The company also wanted to avoid having lenders take matters into their own hands by making homemade flyers that were usually off brand and out of date.

The Solution

Synq Solutions deployed a Web-based “marketing portal” that all loan officers could access. The sytem became a single place where loan officers could customize and download any type of mortgage marketing material they needed, including brochures, flyers, posters, banners, premium items, trade show materials, gift cards, and more. 


A Configured Solution
With a few simple keystrokes, loan officers were able to produce high-quality, brand compliant, and up-to-date documents. They simply logged on, pulled up the desired document and customized the messaging to their specific needs, whether it was swapping out an image, adding contact information or personalizing a direct mail piece. 

Corporate Control
While loan officers enjoyed easy customization, corporate retained control of brand and legal standards. All documents had corporate standards built in and approved, so branding was consistent. If changes had to be made to regulations, disclosures or other critical data, they were simply made once by corporate and all related documents were automatically and instantly updated.  

Reporting and Tracking
With Synq’s “marketing portal,” the company could finally track its marketing program. Loan officers could manage their expenditures and run their own reports. Corporate could track dollars spent – by division, region, branch or individual – and usage, including who was using the site, which materials they were ordering, what quantities were being ordered and more.