Case Studies

Part 2: Synq Solutions Provides Series of Innovative Solutions to Hardee's® and other CKE brands

Synergy of Services

For more than a decade, Synq Solutions has been CKE Restaurants, Inc.’s partner for in-store marketing materials and promotional support. The relationship began with streamlining the print and production of Hardee’s® weekly communication to corporate employees and corporate- and franchisee-owned operators. Synq’s role later expanded to the production of all their training and administration materials. Following that, Synq applied those solutions to the production and distribution of POP campaign materials to all CKE brands, including Red Burrito®, Carl’s Jr.® and Green Burrito®. Today, CKE successfully leverages Synq’s one-stop shop approach, which means print, fulfillment, distribution and technological innovation are synchronized in one company to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

The Power of Promonet

Synq recognized that restaurant operators were spending too much time on in-store marketing and operational tasks. Instead of focusing their time on selling quality food and attracting more customers, restaurant operators were grappling with multiple vendors and inefficient processes. For example, on any given day an operator would contact several vendors to order hats, aprons and training materials for a new hire, a roof banner and giveaways for a new promotion, and a replacement panel for a damaged drive-thru sign.

Synq streamlined this process with Promonet. This customizable, Web-based portal allows operators to order thousands of in-store marketing and training materials from one destination – with just a few clicks of a mouse. From hats to menu boards and build cards to small wares, operators can quickly order exactly what they need. Even third-party vendors can integrate products into the system. What took hours before, now takes minutes.

Promonet empowers operators to execute their own local marketing campaigns. With more relevant messaging, they can effectively reach their target audience -- whether it’s soccer moms who lunch or fans of the local high school football team. Operators simply customize online templates, such as roof banners, coupons, window clings or real estate signs. The templates can be pre-approved to have creative and legal standards built in so there is no lengthy approval process. This allows locations to quickly react to competition, local trends, excess inventory and community events instead of getting mired down in a lengthy approval process. Materials are printed on-demand for high quality and fast turn-around.

Profiling with Perfection

Intelligent Profiling was the key to ensuring that each location received the marketing kit elements and quantities it needed. When Synq began working with Hardee’s®, Hardee’s® used four different types of menu boards that displayed various regional combinations of food and beverage items. Synq’s Intelligent Profiling capability was leveraged to store data on each location’s product mix, physical attributes and zoning restrictions, which allowed Hardee’s® to dramatically improve the accuracy rate of materials sent to each location – and reduce costly POP over production, stock inventory and the risk of obsolescence. When Hardee’s® rolled out its Thickburger Revolution and required that all menu boards be uniform, Intelligent Profiling was critical to the successful refitting of each location’s hardware.

Perfecting Each Package

Despite serving thousands of restaurant locations across the United States, Synq keeps fulfillment and shipping costs to a minimum. With an average of 4,000 CKE transactions each month, it’s critical that multiple orders going to the same location are packaged together. Synq’s Perfect Packaging is specially engineered to maximize space utilization and reduce shipping rates, while extensive testing ensures it holds up during transit. Strategically located fulfillment and shipping facilities in Las Vegas and Atlanta allow for delivery to anywhere in the U.S. in three days or less at the lowest shipping rate.

Simplifying the Complex

Synq’s partnership with CKE spans more than a decade. During that time, Synq has consistently reduced costs, increased efficiencies and given operators more time to focus on their core business. By leveraging Synq’s core competencies, CKE has been able to leverage its own. Currently, Synq serves more than 3,000 locations per brand in 43 states and 13 countries – and continues to Simplify the Complex.