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Synq Solutions Implements Print Solutions, Intelligent Profiling and Bi-Coastal Distribution to Drive Efficiencies and Lower Costs for Hot Topic

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Synq Advantage

The Synq Advantage refers to the innovative capabilities that we develop and deploy in the execution of your marketing campaigns. It gives you the confidence that we deliver what you need, when you need it, in perfect condition—and with significant cost savings throughout the process.

Below are some of our key advantages:

Intelligent Profiling

Our Intelligent Profiling system takes profiling to a whole new level.  It catalogues the “DNA” of each store, including its physical attributes, product mix and zoning restrictions, and calculates the exact promotional kit elements and quantities to be ordered every time. The profiling data can be as granular as you need. As a result, you can eliminate unnecessary printing and delivery costs, and local operators will grow more confident that their marketing spend is leveraged effectively. 

Order Assurance 

With Order Assurance, we know where your order is every step of the way. From the moment creative is finalized, each location’s order is given a unique tracking number that follows it through printing, fulfillment, shipping and delivery—so no order is ever lost. We leverage technology to gain visibility and provide expansive quality assurance capabilities throughout the process.  And because each order is unique, it can be reported on and invoiced based on a particular location, DMA or franchisee. 

Perfect Packaging 

Our Perfect Packaging engineers design boxes to not only protect what’s inside, but to maximize space utilization and minimize shipping rates. We partner with our vendors in the packaging design and production so boxes accommodate all content challenges. We remove any possibility of hidden or extra shipping costs due to packaging size or weight guidelines. Finally, our boxes are tested in state-of-the art testing facilities to withstand rigorous air and ground travel conditions, such as vibration, temperature and altitude.

Synergy of Services

At Synq Solutions, technological innovation, printing, fulfillment and shipping are synchronized in one company. Whether you require a complete solution or a single service like POP fulfillment, local store marketing, digital POP production or the production of training materials, you’ll discover the ease and efficiency of working within our “one-stop shop” approach.